The Wicked Twin  A Venetian Tale of Love, Betrayal & Revenge by N. Scoto Bowen
In magical Venice, Dan Hooper, a young American watercolorist, falls in love with a beauty whose twin is in the spell of an evil ogre. The stuff of fairy tales, but this is a savage descent into the world of the criminally rich, where law has no meaning, deception is the only truth, and dead men tell no tales. Dan's love strains against a tide of ill-gotten wealth as an implacable adversary tracks his every move. Just when safety seems in reach, disaster strikes. Heart-pounding action hurtles from a Venetian palace to a vineyard chateau in France, before returning to the Venetian lagoon, where Dan must summon all his nerve to wield a dagger with two blades. A Lethal Love Story. Newton, Massachusetts